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Check A House Before You Rent Or Buy.

Things we look for in your future home when you are not able to view it in person. 

Bad Photos

Sometimes you don't see photos on the internet clearly, or they are either, too small, too dark, or too old. Landlords will use old images over and over again, and the house is rundown, or dirty, or carpet have stains on them that you don't see in the photos or they don't show you.

Dirty Home

In a lot of cases, a house could be rundown, or dirty carpets with stains on them or dirty walls that you don't see in the photos or they don't show you. You are not able to see the inside of drawers, cabinet, closets.

Not Enough Photos

Don't you hate when you looking for a home and you find one you like but they only post up a few photos, or they don't show the whole house like the garage or the yard, even the front and back of the house?

Repair Need it

Sometimes a house needs repairs, and they don't get done like pet damage, like scratches, pet stains, urine orders, cracked windows, missing window screens, broken drawers, and broken sliding doors, the thing you won't find in photos. If these kinds of things are not taking care of maybe the landlord is not a very good landlord.

Before You Decide Rent Or Buy Check A House!

When you're relocating a long distance and don't have someone like a friend, relative, or someone that you can trust to look at homes, well, now you do!

You will get a full walk through photo inspection report.

Traveling back and forth, it could be stressful and expensive. Maybe you have to work or have a busy lifestyle and can't get away to look at multiple houses, apartments, or townhouses, well we will do that for you. We know what to look for and will help you narrow it down, so if you take the trip to see it for yourself or you decide not to, we will do the legwork for you! 

When looking for a new place to live on sites like,,,, or any local realty websites, you don't see the whole picture that's why you need someone like Check A that can physically see what your missing.

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